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MUSIC + LYRICS: Emoss – Idi-mma | @emosssolomon

Emoss releases his single and this is what he has to say about the song. “Idi-mma (you are good ) isn’t just a song carefully written and perfectly delivered but an expression of gratitude to God in appreciation for his steadfast goodness to us which isn’t on the basis of who we are,what we’ve been able to do for him but because of who he is”. Isn’t it amazing how God loves and cares for us despite everything he knows about us?
Emoss Idimma
Join millions across the globe even as we raise a voice of cooperate gratefulness and gratitude.

The time is now.

Let the nations sing Idi-mma..

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Emmanuel Solomon popularly known as EMOSS hails from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State,Nigeria. He graduated as a computer scientist from Akwa Ibom state polytechnic. For him singing is a ministry and that has led him into organizing several worship gatherings, concerts and outreaches within his state,alongside his crew(Hikano Gospel Crew) for years now with life changing testimonies.
Idi-mma is his debut single so download this amazing song and keep loving God with it.

Emoss Idimma – LYRICS!

Intro—- Good God Almighty oh God oh God
This song is for you
Thank you for being so good to me

Idimma, idimma o
Idimma, idimma o
Idimma, idimma o
Idimma, idimma o

I woke up this morning with this song in my mouth
Thinking about all he’s done for me
The blood that he shed for me
The grace he showers on me
Simply amazing,yeah
Idimma o
who am I that you are mindful of me oh God
Tell me what I’ve done to deserve your kind of love
Your goodness and mercy covers me
You give me new songs everyday
Idimma oh papa mo idimma o
Your goodness and mercy covers me, you give me new songs everyday
Idimma o chukwu ebuka oh
Idimma o, Jehovah Idimma

Verse 2

Ekondo K’buk fi o Papa,anam akpan iko abasi mmi
Ekondo K’buk fi o ette,mfon mfo K’wawak
I tried and found you faithful to be called my God and saviour
You’re indescribable yeah,idimma o
Lord I testify of your hands over me
I would be long dead and gone if not for you oh
But see as you wrap me in your arms
You wear me grace and glory like a Crown
Idimma oh Jehovah idimma o…
See as you wrap me in your arms
You wear me grace and glory like a crown
Idimma oh enyioma mo idimma o
Uko K’ekong idimma oh


Now everybody lift up your voice and say
Magnify, celebrate, testify…(tongues)
Lift up your voice, let him know you are grateful
Let him know you are thankful
Glorify his name
Lord we love you,we celebrate your goodness
Idimma, idimma o Jesus
Idimma, idimma o


  1. Wonderful one. May God keep giving you songs.


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