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[MUSIC] Uwem Akpan – Saved by Grace ( @UwemakpanR )

Uwem Akpan also known as Nkereuwem Akpan is a trumpeter, a worship leader, a song writer, a talented young man with great love for Christ and the finished work on the cross.

He’s fully inspired by God and he is passionate about spreading the Love of Christ and His superabundant Grace around the world through his songs.
This song “Saved by Grace” is written from Ephesians 2:8,9 which talks about us being saved by grace through our believing not of our own doing. It’s God’s free gift through Jesus Christ our Lord.

He came and died; paying the Ransome for our wretched souls. His Crucifixion and Resurrection calls for our Justification. (Roman5:1)
This song is a declaration of all that Jesus has purchased through His cross. He made us and saved us and now has bestowed to us His righteousness as a gift so that you and I can boldly say,”I am the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ”.(2Cor. 5:21). All the blessings of God for us is through His Grace.

We are saved from all form of condemnation because there is now therefore no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.(ROM.8:1)
Sing this song with a heart full of Faith and worship the One Who has done it for you, Knowing that you’ve been saved by grace.

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Uwem Akpan Saved by Grace – LYRICS!

I am saved by grace not by works nor by my righteousness
ImaAbasi oh, Omokpon ye Ami eh (God’s love is great on me)
I’m the righteousness of God in Jesus Christ
Through the power of the cross – I am made free
Lord You’re worthy of my worship -Nduduabasi ( The great I Am)
You’re the saviour of my life- YAHWEH.

Uwem Akpan Saved by Grace
Ekpeno nte udeme oh – Ikpikemke Mi oh
(If I should deserve all you give)- ( I’m not worth it)
MfonAbasi emekem Mi (God’s grace is sufficient for me).
Jesus – Amanyaña Mi eh (You’ve saved me).

Ekpededep Uwem – Ikpikemke Mi o
(If life has a price)- (I wouldn’t have it)
AFO ono Mi uwem ke Mfon o – Afo edi Ama mmi o
(You grace me with life)- (You are my beloved).
You are a wonderful Saviour – You set my soul free
Lord You saved my life from the grave
You redeemed my soul from condemnation.
I give You all the praise – YAHWEH.



Lord you are so good
you gave your life in place of mine
Your love is so Great, though I can’t even comprehend.

[Bridge 2]

Amanyaña Mi eh (You’ve saved me) – Hallelujah
Amanyaña Mi eh- Waoh waoh
Amanyaña Mi eh – Hallelujah

Amanyaña Mi eh – Jesus!


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