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MUSIC & LYRICS: Simeon Iquot – Akamba Abasi ( A Mighty God )

Simeon Iquot Akamba Abasi
Simeon Iquot Akamba Abasi
Akamba Abasi (A Mighty God) is a soul lifting worship song written in English, Efik and Igbo with a fission of calypso beat and south African rhythm that will truly inspire and bless the lives of every listener.
Its a song that came to me when I was faced with the storms of life. At the very point of almost giving up, God spoke to me in a still small voice “I’m Jehovah El- Gibbor” which means “I’m The Mighty God “. Truly, He proved Himself Mighty and through the help of the Holy Spirit, brought me to a deeper revelation of Him.
Indeed, He is not just big, He’s a Mighty God and this Song is my Testimony.
Akamba Abasi was produced by Kemzy Kem
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Simeon Iquot Akamba Abasi – LYRICS!
Akamba Abasi
Akamba Abasi
Akamba Abasi
Afo edi Akamba Abasi (Repeat)
A Mighty God
Mighty God
Mighty God
You are a Mighty God (Repeat)
Verse 1
Heaven Speaks of your greatness, The earth declares your power,
You healed the blind and you made them see,
Yes you are a Mighty God.
Miracles happen when we call you
What a great and Mighty God you are,
You are good and your mercies is Forever.
Ha- le- lu- You are a mighty God.
Bridge: Agidikpa e, Akamba Abasi
You are the greatest of all,
You are a mighty God(Repeat).
Verse 2
We say You’re big, You’re bigger
Others say You’re strong, You’re stronger
Some even say You’re wise, yet You’re the wisest,
we hail You, You are a mighty God
You are deeper than the deepest
You are greater than the greatest.
You are very large, A very biggi God
You are not just big,
You are A mighty God..
Agidigpa e, you’re not a man that you should lie..
You’re the greatest of all
You are A mighty God (Repeat)
You’re the highest
You’re the biggest
You’re the greatest
A mighty God (Repeat)
About Artiste
Simeon Iquot is an Akwa Ibom State fast rising Gospel music minister, a vocal Coach and a song writer.
Born on 20th July, He began his music career with his beloved Family – The Revelation Family Crew at a tender age and has founded/directed many professional music groups in Nigeria therefore rising to become an outstanding vocal icon of repute.
With a sonorous voice easily recognized in a crowd and a deep passion for soul winning, Simeon Iquot has graced the stage of many churches, Campus fellowships and other events nationwide.
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