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Jay Voice Releases “SOSOGNO” And Brand New Video ( @Jay_Voice )

Jay Voice Sosogno
Jay Voice Sosogno

Jay Voice is a gospel music artist that has made great impact in touching lives through his songs and ministrations. The song Sosongo (Thank you), came as an inspiration after he sailed through.

Some hard times by the Mighty hand of God and also when God saved his mother from paralysis/stroke after she had been taken to different hospitals but to no avail and after more than two years God finally healed her when all hope was lost. Jay Voice hails from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

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Jay Voice Sosogno – LYRICS!

Intro:Thank you Jesus
You deserve all our
Praise and worship,
Sosongo ooo
You brought me from the miry clay
And  have set my feet on a rock I stand
That’s why I’ve come to say
Thank you thank you that no you



Sosongo eh
Sosongo oh
Sosongo k’uwak
mfon mfo
Sosongo eh

Verse 1:

Every morning when I wake up from my bed
I see your love so bright
I have got nothing else to say
Than to say, Sosongo oh
Anytime I seat to think of what u’ve done
It eh
kes me wonder
From my left to my right
From north to south
Ibàhà sibà ntà’fo ette.
U set my feet upon a rock
And now I know I’m standing strong.
Thank u Jesus
oshe bàbà
Chineke imela
Sosongo Abasi
Alah sanu
Sanu ehhh

(Repeat chorus)

Verse 2

I was down there in the Miry clay
U brought me out
kept me on a rock.
Who am I oh lord
that Ur mindful of me.
U sent Ur son to die on the cross for me
now I can say o
Sosongo Sosongo Sosongo Sosongo Sosongo Sosongo Sosongo Sosongo
Oh lord
U gave me a brand new life
You Made me who I am today
Father to the fatherless mother to the motherless,
Husband to the widow.
Thank u Jesus
Oshe baba
Alah sanu
Sanu eh

(Repeat chorus)

Sosongo (15x)

Repeat chorus


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