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MUSIC + LYRICS: Uty Pius – Let the People Say Amen ( Prod. by King Baseda ) | @Utypius

Acclaimed Uk-based Nigeria Gospel Music Minister, Uty Pius flashed back with a brand new spontaneous single titled “Let the People Say Amen“.
The song, LET THE PEOPLE SAY AMEN, is a message to my homeland, the people of my state of ancestry: Akwa Ibom of Nigeria.
We have an inspiring history and hope-laden future.
We are the Promise with Destiny.
We need the talents we have and we have the talents we need.
God has blessed our land and prosperity is our identity.
With a heart full of faith, DAKKADA with me on this special dedication as we chorus ‘Let the People say Amen‘ so the face of God would shine more on our land; especially at such a time as NOW – UTY PIUS 
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Akwa Ibom nnyin
Ibo Amen
Akwa Ibom nnyin
yak ibono ke ima
Verse 1:
From way back
Through the years of our parents
To our generations
Akwa Abasi Ibom has kept his people
Verse 2:
From across the river to creation
When uyo became own calabar
Through Ukara ekong
When Nkanga comforted us
To the democratic victory
Led by Attah
After which Akpabio
Ensued the will of God
And now Udom revealing that
Emmanuel is with us
Akwa Abasi Ibom
Has stayed true and real
Ndito Akwa Ibom
Idakkaida iyak ibono ke ima
Proud and beautiful past Amen
Rich and envious present Amen
Now Emmanuel with us Amen
Sweet and peaceful future Amen
‘Let the people say Amen’ By Uty Pius
Produced by King Baseda
Written by Michael BUSH


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