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Dwight Drops New Song “Sosongo” ( @Dwightuma )

Dwight Sosongo

Sosongo is a song that came to my spirit during a service on God blessing us despite our mistakes. its easy to disqualify yourself because of your flaws and weaknesses but scriptures make us understand that we lay aside besetting sins by looking unto Jesus. “Sosongo” is my gratitude to God for his love that overshadows every fault, every weakness and still BLESSES US. Dwight Sosongo

Dwight Uma is a soulful passionate music artist, a singer and song writer whose understanding of music cuts across every genre of music. Born in Akwa Ibom State to singing evangelist preacher parents from Abia state. Dwight, is the 5th of 6 wonderful siblings who all share the same love and deep understanding of the power and message in music as instilled in them from their preacher father, this they do collectively, expressively and passionately. While getting a Bsc in Biomedical Engineering, Dwight immersed himself to soul winning and evangelistic work through music, in and outside the shores of Nigeria.
In this time and season where people need answers and direction, Dwight’s deep relationship with the Holy Spirit puts him among the few who understand what must be done through his music in his lyrical contents and standard.

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Dwight Sosongo


  1. […] of sincere worship, a song that expresses the great and mighty things our God does to every living being. The message in the song is very clear and it refers to God as the most high who can never go below […]


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