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Dan Ndon Debut With “Andiyana” Medley ( Ft. MegaVoices )

Andiyana Medley came by divine inspiration to give hope and declare the gospel truth via musical means to the hearing of all, that the only and indispensable savior is Jesus christ Act (4:12).
It came with a vernacular & English language so as to breach the language gap between people in my closest locality and far extremes of the universe. Andiyana, Anie owo ikpi’tie k’isong, & Kuni’no nyin makes up the medley and are among efik songs in regular churches that must not go extinct. This is the determination that births my inspiration.
Dan Ndon Andiyana medley
All glory returns to God Almighty for the Strength He’s given us to run this far. A big thanks to the Eket Mega Voice, the rebirth minstrels in Uyo, my lovely wife, Lawrencity Lawrence my manager and executive producer and every other person whose contributions is summed up to be called success today; God bless you. – Dan Ndon
Dan Ndon Andiyana medley
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About Artiste

Daniel Titus Ndon was born gifted in music by the virtue of heredity. Raised and trained up by priest parent, Rev. & Evang. David Titus Ndon. By grace and divine means, he Started receiving and ministering fresh gospel songs earlier before his teenage. However, with his experiences as he went through the corridors of vocalists, choristers, acapella singers, coupled with priesthood training, he’s figured out a gospel music missionary moved with passion to raise & build the talented to use their gifts only to glorify the giver & maker, The most high God who will surely reward them in-turn.


Facebook: @DanNdon
Facebook/Instagram: Lawrencity Lawrence


  1. I love this song. I love how it reminds me of why I chose God in the first place, why I’ve not giving up since.
    This isn’t a song for The Old School or The Contemporary, it’s for all of us. Yep, whichever side you are on, you can relate.


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