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Chi-Gospel Releases New Single, ‘HOLD ON’ ( @IamChiGospel )

Gospel Music Minister extraordinaire, Chi-Gospel goes R&B in this new irresistible track titled ‘Hold On‘; Change is coming‘, as she sounds the hope trumpet of victory amidst the ongoing global pandemic.

She’s been relentless in her faith to the all-powerful God who can’t ever be limited by anything as He (God) still got the whole world in His hands.

The purple-lite tune crafted in beat by the fantabulous beat-maker cum producer, HillsPlay is really a sound of the season as it’s termed to replace your fear, anxiety and panic with a total resilient spirit of Hope, boldness, and faith in the work of God of the whole universe.

Chi-Gospel after unfolding ‘Your Presence‘ in the new year, went on a break to breaks-forth into this season with this anointed message of Hope, ‘Hold On; Change is Coming’ to the world, you’ll gasp for more, Chi-Gospel is always unfolding the best.

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Hold On
Chi-GospelHold On
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Chi Gospel Hold On LYRICS!


Oh eh, oh eh oh oh!!!
Oh oh oh, oh eh oh oh!!!
Oh eh, oh eh oh oh oh!!!


It only gets worse when it’s gonna get better (2x)
Hold on, change is coming right now
And it’s coming your way
Hold on, change is coming…



Just because you lost this round
Doesn’t mean the fight is over
You can always win again
Keep your head up, don’t be sober
I know that this is tough for you
Never wanted to be this low
Don’t you give up, hang on, in there
Change is coming, this I know
BGV: because God’s with you!!!


Change is coming
It’s coming in your way
It’s coming just for you
Don’t give in, don’t give up on him
Things are working
They’re working in your favor
They’re working just for you
Can’t you see, change has come for you


Things just got better
Better than yesterday
I see my future
I’m in a better place


Twitter/Instagram/Facebook: @IamChiGospel

YouTube: Chi Gospel

Management: +2348135344573


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