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Tom Saviour & The Truth Praises God With – ‘Afo Edi Obong’

Saviour Tom, is an Exceptional Musician, Music Pastor, a Musicologist, Music Instructor, Song Writer/Composer, Music Director, Worship Leader and a Music Producer. He started his Music career professionally in 2011 and has been consistent with his work over the years, growing from Grace to greater Grace.
AFO EDI OBONG is his 3rd single, the 1st being WE DECLARE YOU ARE LORD, and previously SOSONGHO, which are still blessing lives everywhere.
Pastor Tom has a ministry known as THE ARK, a ministry that is beyond music, hoping to reach out to the entire humanity, bringing them closer to God. The Ark Studios is just a cabin in “THE ARK”, hehehe. He also has a team ministering with him known as “THE TRUTH”.
Pastor Tom started his Music Production career in 2016, and has refused to release any of his work, because of his taste for good sound. He was trained by mrThadom of DONSMARK SOUND. He is now ready to move to another level.
Tom Saviour Afo Edi Obong
AFO EDI OBONG is his first production. It’s a song of Praise to God, the King and Ruler of the Universe and they that live in it. The goal and aim is to give God all the Glory. Get ready to dance like David danced, all to the glory of God, remained blessed.

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Tom Saviour & The Truth
Afo Edi Obong
Tom Saviour & The TruthAfo Edi Obong
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Tom Saviour Afo Edi Obong LYRICS!


Afo edi Obong (You are King)
Ko ke Enyong (There in Heaven)
Mi ke Isong (Here on Earth)
Ye idak Isong (and under the Earth)


Afo edi Akara enyong ye inyang ye Isong ( You are the ruler of heaven, sea and land)
Anyangha eyen unwen o (Saviour of the Poor)
Ano mkpo inam Abasi mmi (My God who does thing well)
Ntommo mboko Abasi mmi (God who saves when called upon)
Asiak Usung Uwem ooo (Maker of the the way of life)
Afo Edi Abasi Nsikak-inam (You are Able God)
Uko ke ekong Abasi mmi (My mighty man in battle)
Jehovah mme udim (Lord of hosts) Chorus

[Call and Response]

Afo Edi Obong (You are King)
Ke Uwem mmi ooo ( In my life)
Afo Edi Obong (You are King)
Ke esit ufok mmi ( In my household)
Afo Edi Obong (You are King)
Ke usung isang ooo (As I journey on my way)
Afo Edi Oboooooong (You are King)
Yes you are the Loor
Afo Edi Obong (You are King)
Ke itie utom ooo (At my place of work)
Afo Edi Obong (You are King)
Ke ufok ndo (In my marital home)
Afo Edi Obong (You are King)
Ke Akwa Ibom ooo (In Akwa Ibom)
Afo Edi Obong (You are King)
Ye Nigeria (And Nigeria)
Afo Edi Obooong (You are King)
Chorus in Efik/Ibibio
Chorus in Yoruba
Chorus in Hausa
Chorus in Igbo/Igbo chants
Lead singer
Sio mkpo no Abasi (Shout to the Lord)
Nek unek no Abasi (dance to the Lord)
Mia Ubok 4x Hallelujah (Modulation)
Chorus till fades…


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