Home Hip Hop Ozo Diai Releases a New Single “The One” (@Ozodiai)

Ozo Diai Releases a New Single “The One” (@Ozodiai)

The One”, the latest single by Ozo Diai, is a beautiful rendition of the Love of God, expressed in Jesus Christ, and how it can help shape the lives of men.

He is relentless in her mission to sing about her faith and all that it encompasses. The Maryland-based artist is thrilled to announce the release of “The One,” a self-produced single where she speaks of the Love of God, in Christ, towards humankind. The world needs a profound love song that speaks the fullness of God’s love and passion for all creation, and this is what “The One” by Ozo Diai seeks to accomplish.

Lost in a world of confusion, where blind ambition takes over, and selfishness overrules everything else, the singer aims to rekindle a missing piece in the world today. It takes listeners away from the worries and confusion that have become part and parcel of the world today to something beyond the physical, divine.



He is a Gospel Minister, Music producer, Musician, Songwriter, and DJ. She seeks to inspire her listeners and be a blessing, spreading the knowledge of the Love of God in Jesus Christ to everyone through her Gospel music genre.


Instagram: @ozodiai
Twitter: @ozodiai
Facebook: Ozo Diai
Email: [email protected]


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