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Prince Idy Shares New Single, ‘I Say Amen’ ( Prod. by King Baseda )

Prince -Idy DeFlourish is one of the ardent gospel artist & CEO of Heart2Heart Music Production, a registered Music world based in Akwa Ibom State of Nigeria.

He dishes out his latest single, ‘I SAY AMEN‘. This is one song God Himself has birthed to used & bring back the death HOPE (Isa 41:10) to every live whom the devil has blinded from the great light. It is a highly spirited song that is recommended for all especially in this season were Depression & Suicide is almost becoming the order of the day.

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Prince Idy I Say Amen – LYRICS

Chorus :

I say Amen to my favor Amen
I say Amen to my blessings Amen
I say Amen to every
word you speak to me
Twill accomplish and never come back void


You are the reason am alive today
You are the hope that I Cling unto
The capacity to lie is not in you
Your promises are Ye & Amen

Odut sekpe komde obong mmi o (2x)
Eyeama sio mmi
Me mkpa Asin mmi Ku uwem, odut sekpe komde obong mmi


It is good to praise the Lord (2x)
For He has deliver us
From death, & put us among the Living
It is good to praise the Lord.

Esie ibi te ti bere
Esie ibi te bade
Adupe o Jesu
Ibi te mu wa lo


Thank you for where u brought me from
Thanks you for where I am today
Jesus I am grateful for where your taking me to.


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