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[MUSIC] Uty Pius – Your Love ( @Utypius )

From the scriptures she quotes; I will tell of the LORD’s unfailing love. I will praise the LORD for all he has done. I will rejoice in his great goodness to Israel, which he has granted according to his mercy and love- Isaiah 63:7. Linking the scriptures to the tittle of her new single “Your Love”, Uty Pius proclaims her faith and trust in God to express her gratitude to God for his love!

She also said ‘Your Love’ is her testimony of how God’s unfailing love has found, raised and established her in all endeavours and most of all being her reliable rock! Uty says: In the midst of it all, you love me so unconditionally! In the midst of it all, your banner over me is love, so true, pure, strong and everlasting! Where would I rather be, where would I rather go? Mmoyom ami nkwe; I’ve searched there is none but only you could love me like you do!This could be your testimony too.

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About Uty Pius

Uty Pius is a UK based Gospel Music Minister who developed her early music life in Nigeria her country and still making waves and impact on many lives both in Africa, the Western and the entire world at large.

Her unique style of music, supernatural and outstanding stage performances and inspirational lyrics distinct her from a mere religious singer to a “Messenger” singer who is dedicated to her service to God with a remarkable anointing.

She is a leading worshipper and a psalmist and has creatively released different genre of gospel music with innovative sound.

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Uty Pius is a wife and a mother.

With her calling; the very purpose of her living, the singer is a living blessing to many lives as testified by her fans. Also testimonies from her latest album “Gratitude” and singles: “A reason”, “Center of my Life”are producing yet another “Message” from the singer “Your Love”!

Being rooted in the word of God, living by his promises and gaining total satisfaction remains her chosen path “Gospel”; define as the “Good News” she delights pleasure in propagating and proclaiming Jesus through songs right from her childhood, leading in many capacities from children song groups and ministries to leading in adult church choir and many other singing groups.

currently she is a leading worshiper in Covenant life Ministries Southampton, UK.

Uty Pius Your Love – LYRICS!


I’ve searched there is none
No one loves like You 4×
This kind of love
Jesus gave me
Never failing Never changing
New everyday


Moyom ami nkue
Moyom ami nkue
This kind of love
Jesus gave me
Never failing
Never changing
New everyday


Your love is deeper
Your love is Amazing
Your love never fails
Nothing shall separate me
I am surrounded
It covers all my wrong
Blessing me day and night


Nobody knows what you’ve done for me
Nobody knows
How you blessed my life
Nobody knows
Where you brought me from
Your love is
Never failing
Never changing
New every day


Your love is unsearchable
Your love is indescribable
Your love is unexplainable
Oh oh oh


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