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Suppa ( Mfon-Yeshua ) Drops New Song “One God” ( Ft. Mbomboyo )

ONE GOD is a classic Root Reggae “evergreen” song, originally performed by the legendary Robert Nester Marley aka Bob Marley (of Blessed Memory).

In this Cover, Suppa (Mfon-Yeshua) teams up with gospel reggae/ragga icon, Mbomboyo to re-direct his listeners back to root of God’s original plan for mankind through the “The Teachings of His Majesty, Jesus THE MESSIAH”.

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His Musical journey started quite early, in his primary school days.

In his own words:

It was a Saturday morning, I was just outside the house playing with my toy trucks when the sound of a particular instrument in a song (that was playing in the house) pierced my consciousness.

I went into the house to listen to the song more closely. When it finished, I had to rewind the cassette (do you still remember those) over and over to hear that sound.

And, that’s how I was awakened to music.”

Since then Suppa has been exposed to varying strands and genres of music. He enjoys listening to and singing along to some of the greatest voices and songs on record.

He had to eventually choose between his FAITH and the music in his life; much of the GOOD songs he knew were just songs, having nothing to do with Faith or God.

Thereabouts 1995/96, he stumbled on the music of BeBe & CeCe. He loved their music immediately, but then noticed they were singing Gospel Music. His immediate response was this: “CAN CHURCH MUSIC BE THIS SWEET?!”

He eventually discovered many other precious and great musicians serving God with their talents and skills. He is also one of them now!

Suppa’s music fuses Reggae, Rock/Country & Soul and his released songs include: Center Stage, Ebuana (Come Together), Dreaming, Never Let Go, etc.

In 2003, House of Praise! began as an offshoot of his devotion to God & His Kingdom as well as his Love for music. They have initiated and hosted several outreaches, missions, a crusade, several philanthropic events (mostly for less privileged children).

ARTS OF THE APOSTLES – A Festival of Praise and Worship stands out as one of his most audacious initiatives. It was designed to give Believing Artistes a platform to express their creativity to the max. Singers, Dancers, Painters, Stage Actors, Script-Writers, Fashion Designers etc, all showcased the beauty of serving God with their creativity.

Now, Arts of The Apostles finds its true expression in the FEAST OF TABERNACLES, an annual Feast of Lord celebrated by House of Praise.

His most recent release is ONE GOD (a cover of Bob Marley’s “One Drop”) which will premiere during the 2018 edition of the feast.

He also plans to drop an EP of his songs and publish a book in 2019.

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