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Max Zilion Offers A Newest Single “You satisfy” (@maxyz)

Max Zilion or Maxyz for short whose works span across the globe with an incredible influence is out with a brand new single “You Satisfy”.

Under the umbrella of Believers Love World Inc (BLW) well known as Christ Embassy, he has released a couple of songs which include Spirit of Peace, Time and a lot more.
Max Zilion You Satisfy
Aside from ministering in songs and being a producer, Max Zilion also has unique rapping skills which have brought him so much fame and admirations on the local and international scene.

Alongside the music, he is also a good fashionista making his lifestyle a super blend of one to be called an incredible lifestyle.

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Facebook: Max Zilion
Instagram: Maxyzilion
Twitter: maxyz
YouTube: Max Zilion
Kingschat: Lord Maxyz


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