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[LYRICS] Jonathan Mcrenolds – church people

Child, I feel you
And the truth is
That hurt people hurt people
But God is going to deliver you from people (Please, Lord)
Every person who disappointed you
The ones who damaged your perspective
Today, you’re letting ’em go
God says, “I want you to trade Me
Trade Me your sorrow, trade Me the pain (Please, Lord)
And I want to give you joy”
This is the moment, you gotta let them go (Please, Lord)
I know it’s hard
And I know it’s painful (Please, Lord)
But God’s future for you is bigger than any relational failure
So I’m letting it go (Please, Lord)
I’m giving it up (Please, Lord)
I’m releasing (Please, Lord)
And I’m not gonna be held back by all of these (Please, Lord)
When the thoughts of (Please, Lord)
The pressures of (Please, Lord)
I wanna be free from (Please, Lord)
My God (Please, Lord)
Everything (Please, Lord)
That society says (Please, Lord)
Here and right now (Please, Lord)
I choose to forgive (Please, Lord)
Please heal, touch, Lord (Please, Lord)
Please heal your (Please, Lord)
Brokenhearted (Please, Lord)
And I will bring the love (Please, Lord)
‘Cause there’s still (?) (Please, Lord)
Oh-oh-oh-oh, so deliver me
From people
They are the best and the worst you’ve created (Please, Lord)


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