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Harmony Titus Offers A Prayerful Song “I Believe” (@Harmony_titus)

Harmony Titus churns out a new song “I Believe“. A song so powerful and full of encouraging words that’d fire up your faith in God.

To God be all the glory for another rare privilege to be the vessel this song came through. It was actually birthed as a result of deep yearning for God’s leading through the Holy Spirit and then it was confirmed in the place of worship and prayer via John 14:1. Furthermore it has always been a platform of peace and assurance for me each time all that had been happening around the world, looking at how the pandemic tied up every aspect of life and no human effort could bring solution to it. I believe it is a mandate to BELIEVE only God is the way out. So this song I BELIEVE has been my motivation and trust God it will be yours too as you partake in this move. God bless us all.” – Harmony Titus

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