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Edibass Releases “Inem Abasi”, a Newest Song

Ediomo udo Abraham who popularly known as “Edibass” is a Nigerian born gospel singer and songwriter, talented minister of God with great songs, Marvel Glow offers up a brand new song title, “Inem Abasi“.

In this season of Easter, we cast our eyes on the one and only true “King ” the Lord who’s strong and mighty but yet never runs out of love and mercy, the Lord who is able to deliver and give us true love.

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(Thank you Jesus)
Ima-Abasi ye owo
ha..ha..ima-Abasi enyenede ye owo Anemme …
oh, Anemme….(oh my God)
Anemme oh..oh..Ima Abasi
Ima Abasi k’idem mi..o Ane-nem k’idem”you say”


Oh..oh..oh..Ima-Abasi enyenede ye owo Anemme o, Anemme! Anemme..oh..oh..oh..Ima Abasi enyenede ye owo Ane-nem k’idem.

Somebody are you ready to give it up for Jesus? lift up your voice, let give him praise (hey) he deserve your praise! let give him praise, father we worship you,we worship you,you’re worthy of our praise! Thank you Jesus,

Kam sese Ima Abasi enyenede ye owo ke ndiño ediboñ eyen esie ke mkpa,idihe-koro that I gave the best sacrifice that qualified me edi- Ima Abasi ye owo “uncomparable love”

kam sese Ima-Abasi enyenede ye owo ke ndiño ediboñ eyen esie ke mkpa itoho- koro that I have the best sacrifice that qualified me edi Ima-Abasi ye owoooooooo

(chorus)Repeat 2x

There’s nothing to compare with your love in my life,I would ve been lost and gone but you preserved my life for me, abandoned stone like me now na the chief corner stone I promise to give you my praise is my covenant to sing out your love,the love you gave to me is more than silver and gold I love you o thank you Jesus Anemme

Repeat chorus 2x

Is all about the love of God.


  1. Thank you Jesus for your grace and mercy upon my life, I’m bless with this track (Inem-Abasi)


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