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Chioma Jesus Serves ‘OKEMMUO’ Visuals ( Ft. Mercy Chinwo )

One of the Nigerian foremost gospel music minister, Chioma Jesus premieres the visual of her top trending single, ‘OKEMMUO‘ featuring Award winning popular ‘Bor Ekom‘ Crooner, Mercy Chinwo, as video was directed by Avalon Okpe.

The powerful piece which was released on september, 2019 has blessed so many lives.
Chioma Jesus OKEMMUO Video
Evangelist Amaka Okwuoha who is widely known as Chioma Jesus. hails from Imo State. Chioma Jesus became popular with her song “Chioma Jesus” in 2003, and since that time, her name plays a big role in the gospel music world. Trying to win more souls for Christ, Amaka’s heart desire is to see gospel singers becoming what God has destined they will be

Watch Video Below;

AUDIO Or  https://chiomajesus.fanlink.to/b6wM



Chukwu Okike, Abba Father
Ibukwa Okemmuo
Ochie dike nagha
Papa Nke Ukwu
Akporom gi Okemmuo
Oje na nmuo
Ibu ebube dike nagha
Okemmuo is your name
The Spirit of the spirit
You’re the Spirit
Of the Most High God
Onweghi onye dika gi

[Verse 1]

Okemmuo n’eri oke Aja
Ezem onweghi onye dika gi
Okwa gi kwuru okwu Na mba
Oke Chim !
Oga mezuo na mba ozo


{Okemmuo, okemmuo
You’re the convenant
Keeping God} [x2]

[Verse 2]

Agbanwe, agbanwe eh, eh
Onye nmeri
(Convenant keeping God
You are my
Convenant keeping Father) x2
I have come so far with you
There is no turning back
All you have Promised me
Baba, you have fulfilled them all
You are not a man
That you should Lie
Whatever you say, you will do
I have found rest in you
You are Jehovah JIREH
You can never, never fail

Okemmuo …. heey
One with you is Majority
I put my trust in You
I have no fear in you
My Confidence is in You
Because you can never fail
You are the Covenant keeping God

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3]

Jehovah is your name
You’re the only living God, oh
Okaka, Okaka
Okaka, Chim oma, eh
Ebube dike nagha
There is nothing you cannot do
You are the Covenant keeping God
You are the Covenant keeping God

Echeta Obi Esike
Yes, you never ever die, oh
Oh, oh, oh, Okemmuo, eh
Okemmuo, Okemmuo
Is your name

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 4]

All the battles around me
They are forcing me to go back
Okemmuo, God of Victory
I know, you will deliver me
But I’ve made up my mind
To serve you till the End
Okwa ekwensu kpawa ekete
Kpacha, Okemmuo
I koromu asiri, oh
Eze’m Imedele num obi oh
Chioma Iguguola num obi oh
Onye gemerem ihe Ineme
You are the Covenant keeping God

Agbawe dike Izu, agbagharia
Eze mmuo, onye dika gi oh
(Oje na’mmuo)
You are the Covenant keeping God
(Ohu na’mmuo)
Onye nwem, oh

[Repeat Chorus]


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