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Chandler Moore Thank God For Life as He Loses His House to Fire

Atlanta-based worship leader and instrumentalist, Chandler Moore who recently got featured in one of Nathaniel Bassey‘s latest song, “Olorun Agbaye” expresses a heart of gratitude to God for saving his life after he lost his valued property to fire.
Chandler Moore Loses House To Fire
Read What He Posted on His Instagram Page Below;
Chandler Moore Loses House To Fire
4am. Was supposed to be in my apartment (just moved in last week) this morning. I was scheduled to fly out of town at 8a. But switched up and left a day early to try to catch a church service … that I ended up missing (figure that lol hey Holy Spirit👋🏾)

Wasn’t gonna post at all, but I just got some joy… this literally could’ve went another way for ya boy. So I’m encouraged. The enemy would LOVE for me to live in this season with discouragement, bc it’s been transition after transition … but nah. IM GOOD🙂

Will share what God is doing in this season at a later time. Point is: I’m alive. 🥳 Lost 98% of my material things, and it’s frustrating, but I have LIFE. The Lord is SO kind 😭

Now that I’ve defeated the enemy with joy, I’ll get back to living in the goodness of God 😊 thank y’all that continue to cover me in prayer. Y’all the real ones❤️❤️❤️


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