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Ajibike Churns Out A New Single “Dide” (Arise)

Ajibike shares a brand new single titled “Dide!” produced by Bode Afolabi.

The song expresses our plea to God, asking him to “Arise on behalf of his people and their enemies be scattered.”
“Dide,” titled in the Yoruba Language translates to mean “Arise” in the English Language.
Ajibike Dide
It was the night of the Lekki mayhem. I just couldn’t understand how a peaceful protest could turn into such mayhem and then the anarchy that followed.

Dide is a call and a prayer that God will indeed arise and make an utter end of injustice in our lives as a people, a nation and indeed all over the world – (Psalm 68:1).”

She prays for God to arise on behalf of those who truly seek his presence.



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