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Young People Calling out ‘MEN OF GOD’ on Social Media is very bad – Christian rapper, Ziben says

Following what is trending now on Social Media, Young people condemning Men of God in one way or they other. In some cases, most especially Money and Preachers Preaching about prosperity. 
Renowned Christian rapper, Ziben have this to say about those Set of Young people. READ CAREFULLY BELOW!
Where do Young people get the guts to call out ‘Men Of God’ on Social Media, i mean, how do you guys even do it?
Of recent, there’s been a trend of Young People pointing out Ministers of God who are great influencers of the Nation’s/Worlds decisions at large today. They’re out Posting why Christians should stop giving so the ‘Men Of God’ won’t in anyway get richer, while the ‘Christian Givers‘ adversely gets Poorer everyday..
Brethren! It is UNJUSTIFIABLE to stop giving in the House Of God..if you feel your Minister is using you as a means to get richer, simply stop going to the Church, or better still, stop going to CHURCH… (believe me, he who stays in a Church and keeps giving not out of Will/Heart is as good as not Giving)
I came across a Scripture (Matt 12:39-44) which narrates a Story of which Jesus was at a Treasury in the Temple and a POOR Widow came offering all/almost she had, Jesus turned to His Disciples and applauded her Sacrifice..
What i picked from there??
Why didn’t Jesus stop her from giving because she was poor? ‘Hello, woman i know your condition, go and manage the little you have’…Brethren! Believe it or not, there’s what we call KINGDOM PRINCIPLES..
I am aware some ‘Men Of God’ are in for their Selfish Desires… But we can’t be blind to the Good DEEDS some are practicing to make this World a better place. It is rather unfortunate, these good deeds don’t make the News. One thing i’ve also learnt is that God prefers to deal with His Anointed himself. Sometimes, even these Genuine Men Of God stop to think ‘Why are my Members getting Poorer?? ‘ they step out to organise Seminars and take on the burden of teaching Prosperity Principles, so the lives of their members can be made better… The same you will come and label them ‘PROSPERITY SERMON PREACHERS’…A fast Question – Do they get your offering through duress?? Oh you’re brainwashed?
If Your giving to the Kingdom is the cause for your getting poorer FOREVER (because most definitely, when you give out, it has to reduce your possession for a time)…then Check your MINDSET….
Youths it’s High time we started thinking & focusing on how to add value to this our World, rather than smacking ‘Men Of God’ on Social Media (When Most of ya’ll don’t even have the guts to say it physically in a Public Gathering or their faces)
Wake up, think, Work, fix up your Lives!
Meanwhile, i’m yet to See a Wealthy man complaining of Ministers getting Richer because of their giving to the Kingdom… No let POVERTY romance you…
Yours Faithfully,
Ziben (The ReBeL)

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