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What is Passion and why you can’t succeed in Life without it [ A Must Read ]

Have Passion for something Before you go into it! What does this Means?

I have taken time carefully to imagine the reason why alot of people fail while trying to achieve their Dreams in life and i have discover that some end up loosing because it wasn’t their passion they were working toward.

What is Passion in human’s life?

Let me take this as an Example, You love playing football everyday, a day can’t pass you without watching Football Match. “THAT IS PASSION”.

Why do i speak on this Topic, Passion?

I do it because i have discover the weakness of Human being, there are so many people, i mean a large number of them who has no time to sit down and plan for something before Going into anything and that will lead to lost.

Being “Passionate” for something can make you “Exceptional” it does not  matter the numbers of people doing the Same thing you are doing.

Being “Passionate” for something will gives you courage when you feel like given up or being discouraged.

Being “Passionate” for Something simply means believing in yourself and what you know how to do better.

Being “Passionate” for something will make you brag about it anywhere

A large number of people fail because they want to do what others are doing without asking their selves if that was made for them or if they will succeed on that particular journey they are about to embark.

I always believe that each of us all, there is something that can make us great, if we sit down and Search for it.

You as a Human, you need understanding before you can make Something out of Nothing. If you have understanding you will know were you are heading to. You will know your aim in life.

“Nothing is possible but anything is Possible”.

You can become the best you were made to be. its in your hands, i mean your palm.

I was in the Bathroom some days ago when God gave me this topic ” PASSION FOR SUCCESS” but ain’t really understand until today.

“PASSION FOR SUCCESS” aspire to Something Great, a Victorious Human, A person that He/Her story will Inspire another person to keep working.

I sees everybody as winners and wealthy because is inside you but won’t showed up until you decide to bring it out.

There is a power in you to change something, i mean something from Worst to Best.

A man by Nature is a Mortal but by Name an Immortal.

If you have passion for something you will go extra mile to achieve what you discover yourself doing.
Nothing can stop you just as you believe.

You can Make it, Common, Stand up today let us Work together.

You are the Bill Gate of your own life, is now left for you to put it into reality.

NOTE: Meekness matters alot if you want to become great in life, without this you will face so many challenges that might lead to your down fall.

If you have any Question ( s) ask i will answer.


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