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UB. Matt Releases “Hosanna to God” & Two New Singles

UB-MATTH is a true Ibibio son from Etinan L.G.A of Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria in the umbrella of Africa.

UB-MATTH is a guy God has blessed with different talents in this world.

Download “Beauty of Holiess” below;


Download “Enkop ke Eti” below;


Download “Hosanna to God” below;


He was born with the following creative talents and I want to tell you who UB-MATTH is today:

1. UB-MATTH is a teacher by profession
2. He is a musician by calling
3. He scripts writer in films
4. He is a broadcaster by talents
5. He is a compressor of all kinds of songs. e.g vocal music
6. He is a scorer of songs
7. He is a songs producer
8. He has written so many books to be published soon.
Recently, On August 14, 2021, he has published 3 albums a day in his mother’s church, The Apostolic Church, Nsit Assembly, No. 30 Udo Eduok Street, Uyo.
Each of the albums contains 8 tracks, a total of 24 tracks in the whole 3 albums.

UB-MATTH. Why do you sing songs?
I sing songs of praise, victory, testimony to tell the world the goodness of the lord and bring out my views of what I have seen in God and to send the messages of God to the people all over the world through music. The reason I like to sing is to express my feelings to the people through music.
Basically, I love music because when I sing songs I forget about my sorrows in the world and the songs draw me nearer to God than ever. The song I sing always give me joy and gladness in heart with a smile on my face.
Whenever God shows me something on a trance or vision and dream, when I wake up I have to put into music so that as people dance to the beat they also listen to the lyrics that will touch them well and give them courage in life’s situations.

The song “Hosanna to God” is a very great popular song seeing that the enemies said that they have killed us in the night but at the following morning they see us waking up through the power of Jesus Christ that is why I say anybody that is alive should sing Hosanna song to the Lord for is not easy to see a brand new day.
UB. Matt Hosanna to God
The other track titled “ENKOP KE ETI” means that anything that is of good report that can bring love, unity, progress, development into the life of people, community, state, and my nation that is what people will hear me about.
UB. Matt Hosanna to God
I look at a track called “Beauty of Holiness“, seeing all that God has done to Man in the whole universe I see that is good for everyone to worship God in the beauty of his Holiness for He is a great God of wonders.


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