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10 Businesses Teenagers Can Do On Campus Or When At Home Still Seeking Admission

Top Businesses On Campus
Top Businesses On Campus

It is safe to say that majority of the successful people in business today started out as teenage entrepreneurs. Remember Mike and Robert in “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”?

They started out as entrepreneurs in their teenage years working hard and earning money in return. For teens, the summer holidays is a great time to see a long time friend or pay a visit to your uncle. However, the following are businesses(not jobs) you can do as a teen.

Majority such as photography are professions that is going to take your time and money in terms of training and cost of equipments.

Here Are 10 Businesses You Can Get Your Hands On & Make Cool Money:-

1. Blogging

Top Businesses On Campus

Premium9ja, Linda Ikeji, Naijaloaded, Bella Naija, Solutionclass, does this ring a bell? These are blogs filled with gossips and trendy news . However, you could start your own blog, build your audience from your social media accounts and make sure you drop content every single day!

Well, there’s a whole lot of revenue you can generate from blogging. You could publicize events and programmes with your blog, get revenue through Adverts from Company and also from some Advertisement Programs like Google Adsense, Chitika, Propeller Ads and many others.

2. Teaching

Piano lessons, Dance tutorials? Do you have a passion for teaching others? Good news is that you could make a fortune out of this especially teaching those neighborhood kids those difficult word problems and algebraic equations.

3. Social Media Marketing

Top Businesses On Campus
Top Businesses On Campus

Got a huge fan base on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram? Time to use those accounts for profit. By helping people to advertise their products online, you get more fame and more bucks.

4. Web Designer

Almost everyone has assumed the position of a web designer just by using the basic templates and having a little html background. However, if you have a deep knowledge about CSS and HTML, you could do well to watch some Youtube tutorials and boom, off you go!
You’ll do well from referrals and this is a job that could take you far beyond school.

5. Photography

Like taking photos? Or you fancy how photographers do their job with ease? Try and learn the profession during the summer holidays and you could start a small business by taking photos in ceremonies, kids’ birthdays parties and church programmes. However, this is capital intensive as the price of a camera is expensive.

6. Fashion Designer

Today! Native/Traditional wears is the new cool. Any dude or babes who got class these days now use Traditional wear popularly called Natives to show off their Swags.
Gone are the days when only broke people wear Native. Professional Fashion Designers popularly call Tailors now make close to 200k profit monthly sewing lovely wears for people. Even graduates now enrol into Fashion schools these days as it’s now the new trend.
Learning to become a Professional Fashion designer now will earn you so much money and you could build a great future for yourself and family. What are you waiting for? Pass me the Needle

7. Phone/Computer Repair

Found yourself solving your dad’s smartphone’s problem or fixing an anomaly in your friend’s laptop? Time to enact that skill and make some mula! Buy some computer repair tools and you could actually be that go-to man in he neighborhood

8. Graphics Designer/Photo Editor

Top Businesses On Campus
Top Businesses On Campus

Gat a knack for Photoshop and Corel Draw? This is a profession you could learn in a little time but it however involves dedication and mastery of different software. especially coreldraw and Adobe photoshop

9. T-Shirt Designer

This is a job you could learn and master within six months and build an empire of your own. You’ll surely make profit designing T-shirts when events and birthday ceremonies come around.

10. Jewelry Making

Top Businesses On Campus

Also called bead making, this is a job many adults are battling hard to learn to put body and soul together. One ability that has characterized teenagers is the will to learn fast and master within a short period of time.


There’s a huge difference between a Job and a
Business . A job is an activity done for someone (Your Employer) that involves your time and usage of specific skill. While a
business is your own specific firm, organization, company where you own majority of the revenue.

Thank You for reading this great piece.


  1. Thank you very much, i am deffinetelly going for graphics design, am very grateful for the enlightment .


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