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Reasons your Relationship Fails.

Based on my experience(s) and research. 

I have learnt and realized a number of reasons why many  Relationships of nowadays never work out.

Its simply because..
_One partner is committed and the other is not committed.
_One is putting in a lot of effort and the other is relaxed.
_One is faithful and the other is unfaithful.
_One is serious and the other is playing games.
_One is loving with a Vision and the other has a Mission.

All these reasons and many more make some people hate love, become heartless and loners for the rest of their lives.
It ain’t cool and its bad!

If you don’t love someone tell them.
_Don’t play games with them. _Don’t waste their time.
_Don’t pretend that you love them.
_Don’t take advantage of them and…
_Don’t act like you feel sympathy for them.

Just tell them the hard truth and let them be alone.

Yeah it will hurt them but it will save them.

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