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Nathaniel bassey a Called to be Son of God with #HallelujahChallege

Today the Gospel is taking over the World by Using Our beloved and Humble Saint @nathanielblow with a very simple theme but powerful known as #hallelujahchallenge
A one hour Prayer Session.

Nobody knows how God suffer to create the World and the entire people in It but all we know is to damage his beautiful Handworks.

He knew how it will go before he choose you @nathanielblow, God knows you are the Son that will go for this mission and come back successfully without any crash on the way. The Lord has bless and Anoint you to Change people’s life from Worst to Better, from Sinner to Repentance, to gather the whole world together and Sing praises unto his Name. Let the world hear and Know that the owner has risen to stop the evil act going on here and there.

@Nathanblow Saw the Vision then God inspired and lead him, he said Go, my Son i am with you.

Today the entire Universe has heard about our Lord #Jesus Christ , The Son of God, the one that choose to come and die for us so that we can live freely. #HallelujahChallenge is now part of our daily thought and plan, it has gone beyond Human expectation and God is taking the Lead.

The world will continue to See Jesus in our eyes.
This on going “One Hour Prayer Session” will bring more testimonies. Amen.

May God bless, Protect and Strengthen you Pastor Nathaniel Bassey

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  1. It a wonderful experience worshipping Our God in this platform

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