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MUSIC LYRICS: Usimeke Usoroh – Laye ( Prod. by Kemzy ) | @usimekeusoroh


If you would only give me one chance to say,
To say what’s on my mind
Then I really hope you would understand if I take all your time.
I see the way things go and it’s not okay
So yes I’m gon’a say
Allow God (to do)His job
If things are going to get alright
We try to fix the world but then we mess it up
And we try to fix ourselves but we are all the same
We can stand hand in hand but if there is no Christ
We only wasting time,
I hope you got that..
Fuñ Láyè (give space)
E fuñ Olorun Láyè (give God space)
Fuñ Láyè(give space)
And what if I tell you no God, no love
I hope we’d still be friends
cus a-matter-of-fact we’ve been too nice
Now no one’s getting the point.
How do you wanna fix the world
With all its brokenness, with no God factor? oooo
And how do you wanna heal the world that’s almost dying, yeee-eeah without Jesus
(Sing Chorus)
Live and let live
If there is something in our eyes,
Let’s go to the WATER,we’ll be sure to get it out
Oo o…x

When your heart is breaking
Cus the currency’s failing
And the friends are leaving,
And the children’s crying.
There’s a God in heaven
Who is never sleeping
And He knows all about it, so give Him give Him space
O give Him give Him space.
Don’t say I didn’t tell you so, don’t say I didn’t tell you so

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