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MUSIC LYRICS: Segun G-Clef – Ima Abasi ( God’s Love )



Ima abasi
Ima Obong
Ima Abasi
Emeneye nyo/2x.

Verse 1:

I searched through all the mountain top
and deepest valley low
nobody else can touch me like you do
you love me pass ma papa
you come love me pass my mama
I never seen this kind of love before

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 2:

Your sweet love that set me free
you love me scatter you make my enemies tremble
which kind love be these o
why you love me so I’ll never know
SI-IMADO, Imaobong

Repeat Chorus:



Ima abasi
Ima Obong
Ima abasi
Emeneye nyo


Your sweet love
so sweet to me lord
Ima abasi
Emeneye nyo

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