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MUSIC + LYRICS: EllaVibes – Wa Emi Mimo | Free download

Ellavibe’s new release “Wa Emi Mimo” (Come Holy Spirit) is a creative masterpiece specially crafted for the New Year.
Lyrically rich and artistically bold, “Wa Emi Mimo” echoes the cry of the believer for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and Leadership this season.
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Wa o, wa o, wa o
Wa o Emi mimo
Just like the streams of river
And like the deepest ocean
Like a mighty wave in the ocean
I need you more than ever (ever)
The light that shines in the darkness
My guardian staff
You will be
Wa o, Wa o
Strongly you came in the upper room
So let your presence fill me now
Like you were with Paul and Silas
I need you more than ever
Illuminate my heart with your presence
And fill me till I want to more
I need you more forever
Come walk with forever
And work in me forever
Forever forever forever
Reveal in me your glory
And let me give you glory
And let this be my story


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