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Men, Don’t Ever Try doing it.

Guys, respect is very much needed in Relationships.

I understand you’re the man in the relationship but there are times the muscle flexing isn’t needed.

Nobody is doubting your authority but please stop embarrassing your lady.

If you’re a guy and you shout at your lady in the presence of your friends you better stop.

Some guys would want to prove to their friends that they are in charge so they shout and belittle their ladies before everyone. Even if your girl says something wrong or acts stupid you can call her aside and talk to her or better still wait till you guys are alone in-case it deteriorates into a fight.

Mind you, None of your friends will hold your girl in high esteem if you keep disgracing her before them. Don’t be surprised when one of them shouts and calls her names, he is only following your footstep. Your friends shouldn’t even know when you guys have fights.

Respect your Lady and give her no reason to look for it outside.

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