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Living Streams Daily Devotional by Pastor Ezekiel Atang

LEVELS OF VISION (Genesis 37:5-8)
     Vision cannot be lumped into one group. There are various levels of vision.
1.     Vision – The Big Picture

2.     Vision for the Day (daily effort)

3.     Vision for the Year
        (or the finishing line)

Vision of the BIG Picture 
       A vision that covers your region, your community, and maybe the whole world.  Just like the story of Joseph who saw his sheaves stand and that of his brothers fall before his. Then he saw further; the sun, moon and stars bowed before him. The sheaves represented the economy of his family. They, bowing to his sheaves meant that their economy would fail one day, while he (Joseph) will become their sustenance. The sun, moon and stars bow to him; that was not his family, but the world at large. This meant that the world was to be sustained by Joseph’s wisdom in time to come. The big picture is your first level of vision. It is usually bigger and larger than you.

May the Lord give you the grace to Catch the big picture of your life in Jesus Name Amen.

I.      Ask the Lord from today to show you the big picture of your life.

II.    Study the life of Joseph the Son of     Jacob, and ask God to throw more light into his life and the big picture.  

        If your vision is about you alone then it is not God-given.


Morning;  Genesis 16. Psalm 16
Evening;    Matthew 16

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