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Greatman Takit Drops the “Energy” EP (@Greatmantakit)

After so much anticipation, the Energy EP by Greatman Takit is here.

Describing the body of work as Afro Gospel, Greatman said (Afropop Gospel) is a body of work that seeks to provoke, stir up, edifying as well as entertain the listener. At its core is the message of the gospel and how one must approach life about God and people generally. Musically, the Afropop genre is explored and perfectly used to communicate the message.


In 2020, he released a poignant song Sound of Rain which served as his re-emergence on the solo music terrain. The inspirational song, produced by Timothy Gyang, challenges Christians to stand up as the light and voice of God, to be the change men seek, and the solution to unanswered questions.
Greatman Takit Energy EP


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