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“Final Bus-stop” by Esther Umanah Ft. Solomon Tela

Esther Umanah, a gospel artist from, Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. She’s married to Pst Sunday Umanah, a Pst in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. She just release her second single, “Final Bus-stop” featuring Solomon Tela.

I was inspired to write this song after a deep reflection of the power of God to save and healed. I am a beneficiary of God’s mercy and grace.
In the area of healing, I was very sick in the year 2012, which
led to my hospitalization at the UUTH, Uyo. But I saw a mighty hand of
God intervened for me, he healed me and gave me a new life. So, I call
Jesus my final bus stop. Also from Genesis to Revelation, you will see
how God has been intervening for mankind. Anytime you have an
encounter with Jesus, he becomes your final bus stop!

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Hossana; ndito Eka Ekdi
Yak ikwo ino abasi ke
Enye odot ekom o o o
Adot itoro, adot se sio
Mkpo ….o o o


Final bustop, Jesus
Na final bus stop o (2x)
Final solution, Jesus
Na final solution o (2x)


Ami nkena kufok ibok
O, idorenyin uwem okure,
Kini idoroyin uwem
Okurede obong Jesus
Ono mi obufa uwem o, oyun
Obo mi mbiomo mi- o
Final solution, Jesus na final solution – o
Awan uworo iyip oro
Akesana ke ediwak isua,
okuk esie okure, inyene
Esie okure, edi udono
Esie ikureke o
Kini Jesus obionore …….
Final solution, Jesus na

Final solution –o


Final bus stop, Jesus na bus stop.(2x)
Final solution, Jesus
Na final solution. (2x)


You need power come on,
Eyeneka you need money come o
You need long life,
I dey for Jesus Christ,
There is nothing God cannot do with God
All things are possible
Come to Jesus Christ,
Everything is possible
Final solution, Jesus na
Final solution o (2x)
Eyeneka ukukopo utibe mkpo se Jesus akenam,
enye ekenam Imum atin-iko anam akpa mkpa asset,
Anam Nan ukut usung, anam ada aman eyen anam
akpafia asana o
Final bustop Jesus na final bustop o
Aye e, aye aye
Aye aye aye (4x)

Esther Umanah Final Bus-stop
Final bus stop Jesus na final bus stop o 2x
Final soluton, Jesus na final solution o2x
Aye aye aye aye aye aye (4x)


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