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Enough of blood shed in the land – Nathaniel bassey

A renowned Nigerian Gospel Singer, Nathaniel bassey on the killing of innocent people.
A few days ago I was thinking and asking why it seems we pray so much in Nigeria, and for Nigeria, but it seems as though they hit the roof. Truth is, God has answered our prayers and still answers prayers concerning our nation, but we still see a lot of things yet to be sorted.
I then thought about the fact that there’s been so much shedding of blood in the land. Innocent killings, road accidents that shouldn’t have happened because someone or a group of people stole monies meant for such projects.Ritual killings, assassinations, cult related killings, terror related killings, avoidable deaths as result of poor health care etc.
And if you know anything about BLOOD, is that it speaks. And whenever it cries for justice without having justice, it cries Judgement.
But thank God for the blood of Jesus that speaks better things than that of Abel. And as we pray this season we must cry out for MERCY for the land.
And in addition to praying for Mercy we must demand for Justice from the government every time. We must demand an end to the senseless killings in our land. We must demand that every killer be brought to book. We must come to a place where we value the human life. Truth is we have come to a place where we are somewhat used to people dying and they don’t even make any news. We must come to that place where every life matters.
No evil group should be spared. And in the name of Jesus Christ if they DON’T REPENT, may the wrath of God visit them this year.

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