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MistarPush Ft. Faith Mussa – Oyera ( @mistarpush )

Mistarpush Oyera

Nigeria meets Malawi in this Outernational collaboration in the testimonies of two God-lovers, the worship of two brothers from extreme ends of AFRICA, in a song for THE KING WHO LIVES in their hearts.

Juxtaposing their experiences and similar spectacular testimonies, Mistarpush and Faith Mussa comes together to express their Love to God in this song, “OYERA” which means HOLY in the Chichewa language.

The song is an infusion of “Igbo” (an indigenous Nigerian language), Chichewa (a Malawian indigenous language) and English language, in the melodic rhythmic reggae genre by which Mistarpush is widely known.

Mistarpush (@mistarpush) and Faith Mussa (@faithmussa) are both seasoned musicians and professionals in their various disciplines. They constantly seek new ways to express, encourage and get people of every Nation to express their love and intense worship to God in their music.
Someone rightly called this #AFRICATOTHEWORLD

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