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[ Devotional ] When God Fights your battle by Dr Uma Ukpai

The moment any man is born again, he is ushered into the commencement of his journey to his destiny .

God will show you what to do and how to do it. God will enrol you into the school to allow you actualise and explode into your destiny . It is so important that you get wisdom from God. One time I bought a 24 plot property for the expansion of the work of God and a man took me to court and said 2 of the plots were his. At night God woke me up and said Uma hire that man as your lawyer that is the only way you can win this case . And I said to God Father I will look like an idiot , he took me to court and God said I know , go to him . And I said Father this contradicts common sense. And God said to me , my foolishness is more than your wisdom, obey me. I went to the man and said Sir , I have come to brief you that you will be my lawyer . And he said to me , Uma I thought you are a religious man, I never knew you are stupid. I said to him , God calls the foolish things to confound the wise . I am both foolish and religious .

Men and brethren, I don’ t care what your problem is; every Goliath has an unprotected forehead. And there are fives stones already positioned to bring down your Goliath . And the man said to me , there are 24 plots , pay me for the equivalent of 4 plots instead of the initial 2 plots and keep the land so we don ’ t go to court. He said he wanted cash , so I gave him money for 4 plots of land .

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