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DEVOTIONAL: The Efficiency of Love – MCN Nigeria



Love is a word that is on the lips of everyone today but being real concerning love is a far cry. In today’s Bible passage, God is teaching all of us that love is the foundation of every act of a leader. One wonders how a person could give out his goods to feed the poor and even give up one’s body to be burnt, yet without love.

Yes, it is possible that one could do these for vainglory or to show off. In the early church, leaders were models of love to their churches. In turn, the churches modelled it to the rest of the world. They lived by the watchwords in I Cor. 13: 4 – 7. Love was the foundation and motive of the leaders’ action.

The qualities or attributes of love are made very clear in verses 4 – 7 of the text. Now let us do a practical thing to find out if we have love. Wherever you see love or charity from verse 4, put your name, e.g. Femi suffers long and is kind. Femi does not envy, etc. By the time, you finish this exercise; God would have spoken to you on the true meaning of Love. Today, people can afford to prophesy and yet they are envious; they keep malice, they backbite and do all manner of things. But when the true love of God is found in one’s heart, all pretences will give way. Think about the love you show to others.

MEMORY VERSE: “And now abide faith, hope, love these three; But the greatest of these is love” (1 Corinthians 13:13 NKJV).

PRAYER: Lord God, help me to live up to love You more than the world and to love my neighbour as myself in Jesus’ name.

READ – DAY: Matt 3; Night: 2 Sam 5-7

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