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A Lesson from Mathematics by Eno Sam

I remember how excited i used to be during my secondary school days when our mathematics teacher walks into the class for lessons. The feeling like the joy at the sound of a new born baby’s cry in a home.
Recently, i reflected on some mathematical rules i learnt back then which coincidentally depicts a moral lesson for life. For those who think mathematics is one wierd subject which has nothing to add to an individual in real life, i will prove you wrong shortly.
If you thoroughly study mathematics with a mindset of deriving a moral lesson, you will get a whole lot of practical lessons.

Let’s work with this : 8+3*2=?
A layman would solve the above like this :
8+3=11; 11*2=22 (But 22 is not the correct answer)

There are rules to follow in order to correctly solve this problem… BODMAS (Multiplication comes before addition so we must multiply before adding)
The right thing to do is 3*2=6; 6+8=14

There is a BIG LESSON from the above illustration. In life, if you must get the right results, you must understand the power of “PRIORITY”; What things should be done first and what should be done later.
For instance, you are still squatting in a friend’s apartment but the first good money you get is used to buy a big car. This doesn’t make sense. Securing your own apartment should come before the purchase of a car.
As a teenage girl who has not even written WAEC, you are already in a relationship. This will give you a wrong result later because purpose should come before a relationship. This is called “ORDER OF PRIORITY”

Misplacements of priorities will yield a wrong result just as the mathematical illustration above has proven.


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