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10 Good reasons why you should go to Church

I have come to understand one thing that is deceiving alot of people Now in the world. this one sounding word has got people ‘THE CHURCH IS YOUR HEART” failing in their endeavours, am not condemning that your heart is not Church, No. But am saying we all Must go to Church because it is the only place were we all can meet Cry, Worship and Ask our Creator for Forgiveness.

Some even believe in staying at home to read their Bible, all this still works but you need to refresh your soul with his presence.

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Below are 10 Good reasons why we should go to Church!

1. If you follow Christ, you are part of the body of Christ, and body parts, by nature, are connected. I know a sweet young woman who is recovering from surgery on the stump of her leg right now, so I can picture what a troublesome thing it is to have an amputation (1 Cor. 12:27).

2. God wants to show others who he is through YOU. When you get involved at church, people get a bigger understanding of who God is (1 Cor. 12:7). Crazy, huh?

3. You have been given a spiritual gift that is to be used to build up the body of Christ. Your gift is something other believers desperately need (1 Cor. 12)!

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4. You need to eat, learn and pray with other believers (Acts 2:42-47).

5. You need to share with others, which means you have to hang out enough that you see the needs your brothers and sisters have. And they’re gonna wanna share with you (Acts 2:45).

6. You need encouragement, and other believers need encouragement from you on a regular basis because this life is seriously hard (Heb. 10:25).

7. You need to laugh and cry with other believers through all the ups and downs of life. That can only happen if you’re meeting with other believers through a lot of days (Rom. 12:15).

8. God is going to comfort you, often through the words and actions of other believers, and He wants you to pass on the comfort to the believers around you (2 Cor. 1:3-4).

9. If God is your Father, that makes church a family gathering (Phil. 1:2).

10. When you gather with other believers and love them, God’s love is made complete in you (1 John 4:12).

See, you need the church, and the church needs you.

It’s messy. You’ll get hurt by folks sometimes and will be disappointed by them often. But church is God’s design, and if you risk going to church, you will bring glory to God and will find your own great joy.



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